Bringing one’s creativity to publication is like no other experience. In that moment of seeing your words reflected back to you from the printed page there is a galvanisation of one’s self in the world. For the reader it is an intimate glimpse into the imaginative worlds of our collective future. It was the second year in a row that we brought 12 writers to work with Cherrybrook Technological High School’s entire Yr 10 cohort. In 2020 it all happened in One Week in December (see below for the associated publication) In 2021 it was Three Weeks in November. It is a massive undertaking and a remarkable commitment by the school to invest in their students’ ongoing development as students and as people.

It was our privilege to be able to bring these accomplished writers to work with these young people  – Kirsty Eager, Susanne Gervay, Laura Greaves, Michelle Hamadache, James Knight, Will Kostakis, John Larkin, Belinda Murrell, Ben Peek, James Roy, Hsu-Ming Teo and Helen Thurloe; and the students themselves who brought all their enthusiasm and inspiration to assist these young people create what you are about to read.

” In Term 4 last year, the Year 10 cohort at Cherrybrook were fortunate enough to play host to a variety of writers who guided them through the processes of constructing, drafting and editing a story for publication. After a year like no other, this represented a welcome opportunity to reflect on the events of 2020 or simply escape from the year into the many worlds of the imagination. The stories here therefore represent both the uneasiness that came with the pandemic and the unflinching optimism of young people who find hope and humour in unexpected places. My hope is that you enjoy these narrative offerings of our students.”
Steve Henry: Head of English, Cherrybrook Technical High School


Three Weeks in November: 2021

One Week in December: 2020