Voice Renewed: Women’s Poetry Group

Last year, in partnership with Cumberland Women’s Health, the ‘Writing Your Voice’ poetry group published a collection of poems, which was published into a book, “Apples: An Unapologetic Anthology from the Core”.

This year, we are pleased to announce that Cumberland Women’s Health Centre and WestWords will be returning with, “Voice Renewed: Women’s Poetry Group”.

This could be a chance for you to learn new ways of expressing emotion through poetry. It could also be an opportunity to become a published author!

This program will be running on Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, from:
July 24 to September 11.
It will be located at the WestWords Centre for Writing, 41 Hunter Street Parramatta.

Limited spots are available, so please call Cumberland Women’s Health on (02) 9689 3044 to secure a spot.