Would you like to be involved in writing poetry, prose, rap or stories to help shape a major public art project by critically acclaimed visual artist Tina Havelock Stevens to take place at Bella Vista Station? On 10 and 14 August, WestWords is presenting two writing workshops with Tina Havelock Stevens and author and artist Vanessa Berry. […]

View the published book   Raw, bold, and Experimental. Dramatic and Darkly Humorous. Peter Maple’s BEAST.BELLY.BEAST delves inside the minds of two ex-servicemen suffering the repercussions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Examining the effects of War on (Australia’s) returned servicemen, specifically the flow on effect of inter-generational trauma, BEAST.BELLY.BEAST presents the often fracturing and destructive […]

Postcard Stories of Affordable Housing In 2018 WestWords was approached by CAPAH: Citizens Action Penrith Affordable Housing to work with them so that they can write their stories. These people are experiencing difficulty being able to put a roof over their and their families heads.  They are resilient and hard working – and their stories […]

Shout out to the Girls In partnership with Sydney Writers Festival and the Festival of Moving Stories, WestWords has been touring the beautiful Shout out to the Girls exhibition since November 2018. Inspired by the children’s book Shout Out to The Girls: A Celebration of Awesome Australian Women. Showcasing some of the beautiful artworks featured within the book, each […]