Writers’ Groups

WestWords runs and hosts a number of in person and online writers’ groups. In some instances they are part of a larger program, others we support by offering a place to meet.

Campbelltown Program

The Campbelltown Writers’ Program is a partnership between WestWords and Campbelltown Library. We have two fortnightly writers’ groups, monthly masterclasses, and a range of other events held throughout the year, including the annual Fishers’ Ghost Writing Competition. 

African Australian Literature Development Program

WestWords runs three writers’ groups under the umbrella of this program.

The African Australian Literature Development Program is an initiative to support, develop, share and celebrate the richness of the stories of African Australians within the multi-cultural context of Western Sydney… 

LGBTQIA+ Writers’ Group

If you are a western Sydney writer who identifies as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community then come join us. We’ll be talking about the representation of LGBTQIA+ characters, writing about LGBTQIA+ characters and sharing writing of our own (if you feel up to it!)….

Writers’ Groups

We would be very happy to host your group, or if you would like to start one please be in contact and we can assist. You might also want to listen to our mini-masterclass Bring Good Biscuits on running writers groups