Women’s Poetry Group 

The Women’s Poetry Group is a fortnightly writers’ group for women.

Join us for a safe space aimed at women who are new to writing wish to share their practice and encourage their poetry. 

Limited spots are available. Please complete the form below to enrol.

Email admin@westwords.com.au if you have any questions. 

Dates & Times

The group meets every Wednesday fortnightly, breaking over the holidays. 

10am – 12pm



This writers group is hosted at the WestWords Centre for writing,

41 Hunter St, Parramatta. 


Apples: An Unapologetic Anthology From The Core

Early this year, the Cumberland Women’s Health Centre partnered with WestWords to present ‘Writing Your Voice’, a nine week peotry writing program for women, facilitated by CWHC counsellor Julia and renowned poet Ali Whitelock.

During this time, an amazing collective of women honed their creative skills, learner new ways of expressing emotion, reclaimed their stories and found their voices. 

This program cultivated in a beautiful poetry anthology ‘Apples’, a collection of brave and inspiring poems by all the women who participated in this program. It is the result of the deep well of creativity that lives in all of the women involved and their bravery in daring to submerge themselves in it. 

“These poems come from the core. And for that, these women make no apology” – Ali Whitelock. 

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