WestWords Writers’ Rooms

Writers need space to work and to feel themselves part of a supportive, well-resourced community and to provide pathways of opportunity for the development of the authentic and articulate voices from the region. That’s why WestWords offers writing spaces at accessible prices at our Parramatta WestWords Centre for Writing.


Email admin@westwords.com.au
Regular prices are as follows:
Six monthly: $660
Monthly: $140
Weekly: $53


Writers’ Room membership includes the benefits of:

  • 24/7 access
  • Dedicated space to write
  • Free wi-fi
  • A discounted rate for showcase events with guest writers and open mic sessions
  • A discounted rate for writing workshops
  • Similar privileges to workshops and events at the other writers’ rooms locations across Western Sydney
  • Access to a closed social media group for members of the writers’ rooms across Western Sydney
  • WestWords as a resource for accessing additional services including, for example, editorial and publication advice

Parramatta Writers’ Room at WestWords

WestWords’ Centre for Writing’s writing rooms are part of a new literary and cultural hub in the heart of Parramatta. The two writer’s rooms offer ample space and quiet in which to write and are fully equipped with high speed internet and a kitchenette (including an espresso machine!).