For five sessions over three weeks award-winning writer James Roy worked with the Year 6 students at Bidwill Public School in the Mt Druitt area to assist them telling their stories – because kids love stories. We all do! This publication features their work set against the illustrations of Leanne Mulgo Watson, a recipient of the children’s category of the 2020 Prime Minister’s Literary Award.

Students at Bidwill Public School are enthusiastic learners. They have the potential to achieve whatever they want, however, don’t always recognise their own abilities or realise opportunities available to them. Over the past two years, we have implemented programs that promoted a culture of reading for pleasure, engagement with authors and ‘quality literature’ and ultimately developing their writing skills. The Writer in Residence program has been an inspiration for the students involved, has provided authenticity for them as writers and purpose for what they produce.
Mrs. Sheryl Cootes, Assistant Principal

WestWords would also like to particularly thank the Cultural Fund of the Copyright Agency through the Writers in Schools project and the Australian Catholic University who support WestWords’ publishing program. Without their combined support we could not deliver beneficial programs such as this.