Silence Transformed


Silence Transformed is the third anthology from the WestWords’ LGBTQIA+ writing group.


Silence Transformed is the third anthology from WestWords’ LGBTQIA+ writing group. WestWords LGBTQIA+ writing group meets every second Wednesday, 6:30 pm. We are currently in-person and via Zoom (hybrid). 

And by doing so, our own transformation, this dissolving of silence, to me, something sacred. Nothing can take away or detract from that.

I have a growing respect to what silence brings; sitting and respecting my own thoughts that no one else can know, hear or see. But I know them. Wisps of creativity that cohere and leads to marvellous work. It is the act of placing trust in creative meaning and presenting and sharing it to the world. That is its own reward, but it also leads to a wider understanding, appreciation and depth from LGBT+ perspective that hasn’t always been respected, understood or appreciated. Well, this group does, and hope will play a role in uncovering those quiet parts of ourselves. 

From the Foreword – Wilfred Roach: Facilitator, LGBTQIA+ Group