Auburn Poets & Writers was formed from a partnership between Auburn Community Development Network (ACDN) and Auburn Council after a meeting at Auburn library in 2005. When ACDN closed in 2014 the group then became part of Cumberland Council’s Lifelong Learning project. In 2019 it was encouraged to form an independent entity and came to be auspiced by Cumberland Multicultural Community Services (CMCS). With that agreement coming to an end in late 2021 WestWords is delighted to be able to auspice the group for the next stage of our mutual investment in Western Sydney writing.

Auburn Poets & Writers meets monthly at WestWords Centre for Writing in Parramatta. It is a body of writers from various linguistic backgrounds dedicated to composing poetry and writing for performance and publication. This includes sharing work at its monthly meetings and devising and developing multi-lingual shows around a common theme, engaging with the wider community through outreach and collaboration. It has participated in the Sydney Writers Festival every year from 2006 to the present (save 2020 when the event was cancelled by COVID). APW has also performed at the Sydney Festival, the (now defunct) BEAMS Street Festival, the Sacred Music Festival, Art and About and numerous community events and local festivals. It has produced three anthologies of writing – ‘Letters to Auburn’, ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Grandma’s Bed’. Plans for the coming year include the 2022 Sydney Writers Festival and at least 2 other public performances (COVID willing) and several key in-house development programs.

We include in our ranks several published authors, convenors of writing events and organisations as well as musicians and artists. We have featured Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Russian and Bahasa Malaysian – even French and Dutch – languages (along with English!) in our programs of verse, story and music.

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p 0422 263 373 and (landline) (02) 98966956
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The next event for Auburn Poets and Writers will be the Sydney Writers’ Festival for Shadows and Reflections. 

With their typically anarchic multilingual style, Auburn Poets and Writers explore nuances around shadows and reflections, where playful, moving images are set against depths that disturb and question. Shadows of the past darken our future, while fears and surprises arise in silhouettes and shade. Our language and art mirror our experiences.
Everyday reflections echo, dance and mystify. For 17 years, the group has been presenting concepts in performance that seek to delight and resonate – and warn.

$10 tickets available at the door on arrival only.

Date: Tuesday 17th May, 2022

Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Address: WestWords, 41 Hunter Street, Parramatta


Auburn Poets & Writers at Lawn Library, Sydney Festival 2015. From left to right: Yarie, Michaela, Nur, Willem, Dona, Danny, Sri, Fadeel.
Collage of performers from ‘We Might as Well be From Mars’, Auburn Town Hall, 2019.
From Left to Right: Neera, Danny, Nur, Willem and Seher.
Auburn Poets & Writers at Granville Community Centre, 2018.
‘Grandma’s Bed’ at Granville Town Hall, 2017.
‘Zalzala’ at Peacock Gallery, Auburn, 2010. From left to right: Sri, Maureen, Gina, Nur, Mel, Willem, Nashaa, Danny, Assad.