Transforming Silence is the second anthology from WestWords’ LGBTQIA+ writing group. WestWords LGBTQIA+ writing group meets every second Wednesday, 6:30 pm. We are currently in-person and via Zoom (hybrid). 

I have heard from group members of their silences and that, in hindsight, the group has, every fortnight from February to December 2021, provided a possibility to chip or dissolve away those silences. For some of the group their creative practice was in its infancy, while others had and have a surer footing. Even so all were challenged.

There were missteps, dropouts and creative pieces that were eventually pulled from the jaws of their personal silences. There was a profound opportunity outside of group meetings to share their work when it was in its infancy. These were valuable moments for those who have chosen this creative route of peril and eventual triumph in most instances. 

Thank you to those in the group who supported each other and engaged in the process with openness and compassion.

From the Foreword – Wilfred Roach: Facilitator, LGBTQIA+ Group

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