Dave Drayton

This elaborate and intelligently crafted poem oscillates between scherzo and seriousness. Every line is an anagram of the first (a quote from the X-files television program). The poem revels in its status as an example of the kind of feverish monologue that a character like Special Agent Fox Mulder might deliver. So the poem obsessively focuses on the ‘elusive truth’ within a predetermined subsection of language, and yet it simultaneously forces its readers to cast their gaze into programmatic and televisual world of ‘reboots’, ‘alien revues’ and ‘twilit TV’.

Dave Drayton was an amateur banjo player, founding member of the Atterton Academy, Kanganoulipian, and the author of E, UIO, A: a feghoot (Container), A pet per ably-faced kid (Stale Objects dePress), P(oe)Ms (Rabbit), Haiturograms (Stale Objects dePress) and Poetic Pentagons(Spacecraft Press).

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