Teacher Professional Learning

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Collaboration and discussion with teachers and school leaders to determine needs of the schools to address issues such as:

  • Incorporating ‘passion’ and excitement within teaching programs
  • student disengagement and teacher dissatisfaction
  • improves student performance in literacy
  • work with educational leaders within the school to reignite passion among teachers and within classrooms
  • provide professional learning in implementation of quality literature programs within classrooms and whole-school strategies to change the literary culture


To undertake a range of strategies, resources and materials that promote and encourage reading, writing and story-telling in school communities in keeping with DoE and WestWords aims and policies: educational, cultural and social. To support and build the capacity of staff and leaders within the school to develop literature practices that are sustainable across the whole school.

  • Build a culture of engagement and reading for pleasure among students.
  • Promote value of engagement with literature across the broader school community
  • Work with teachers to build confidence developing and implementing teaching and learning programs using explicit strategies and quality literature within classrooms.
  • Develop practices within and beyond classrooms that promote literature, including with the school community.
  • Develop a model for TPL re use of literature and engagement with a view to NESA accreditation in the future and application to other schools.
  • Engage with cultural perspectives and issues within literature and groups within the community
  • Build knowledge and enhance experience of social benefits of engagement with literature: social awareness, empathy; connection with cultural and social diversity.
  • Build student confidence and belief in their own potential and abilities when storytelling

NESA Requirements For Accreditation

Professional Learning experiences developed and implemented by WestWords aim to meet NESA requirements by:

  • Directly addressing one or more aspects of a priority area that has been identified by the Minister, on advice from the NESA Board: Curriculum/ELYF; Mental Health; Disability; Aboriginal Education
  • Addressing the principles of effective PD published by NESA
  • Meeting the subject/content specific criteria for the applicable priority area, as published on the NESA website
  • Including content and activities that directly align with relevant Standard Descriptors at the Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher level of the Standards.
  • Addressing the intent of the targeted APST Standard Descriptor/s
  • Aligning with the appropriate NSW syllabus or the EYLF (where applicable)
  • Meeting relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, and is consistent with government and/or sector policies

Our professional learning courses:

  • Are delivered by experienced and qualified presenters are content focused.
  • Recognise the experience and prior knowledge of participants.
  • Job-embedded and/or provides opportunities for transference of learning.
  • Support active collaboration.
  • Support opportunities for feedback and reflection.
  • Include models/modelling of effective teaching practice.