WestWords Publications

WestWords, as an integral part of our in-school and community residency programs, has published anthologies of work that have been created during their time working with writers as diverse as Dub Leffler, Luke Carman, Mitch Vane, James Roy, Maryam Master and others. With each publication we commission photographs and illustrations to contextualise the text. Some have used the young people’s own photography and illustrations, whilst others have involved illustrators including Tony Flowers, Sadami Konchi, Michel Streich and others. WestWords believes in the power of a book and the even stronger power of seeing your own writing in a publication. Check out our past publications below:

Crestwood Anthologies:
Version 16.09

Version 16.10


Hebersham Anthology


Tell Me More, Tahmoor!


Landscape Place and Me:

A Different Simple: Landscape, Place and Me

A Secretive Sky: Landscape, Place and Me


The Writer’s Club