WestWords Academy


WestWords is excited to announce our successful WestWords Academians. Congratulations Vivian Wei, Benjamin Muir, Nadine Lebde, Martyn Reyes, Krystle Anne Venal, Kate Bobis and Eden Samuel.


Vivian Wei is currently studying architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney. She has a strong passion in sharing stories close to her culture such as her first publication piece with Underdog’s #LoveOzYA anthology: ’The Chinese Menu for the Afterlife’. In her spare time, she works as a photographer; capturing memories of friends and food (but mostly the latter) and loves to explore the arts and design world.



Benjamin D. Muir is a writer and doctoral candidate from Western Sydney. His, manuscript The McMillan Diaries, was the recipient of the 2019 AAWP/UWAP Meniscus Chapter One Prize.




Nadine Lebde is an Australian-Lebanese writer from Western Sydney. She has an Honours degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney, and her research has been published in the British Medical Journal’s Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Nadine was selected to be a reviewer for the StoryCasters Project, an initiative for emerging culturally diverse writers run by Sweatshop in collaboration with Diversity Arts Australia. Her creative non-fiction piece was shortlisted for publication in the anthology “Arab, Australian, Other: Stories on Race and Identity” (2019) edited by Randa Abdel-Fattah and Sara Saleh. In 2008, her student blog was nominated for Edublog’s international award “Best Individual Blog”.


Martyn Reyes is emerging writer and audio maker born to Filipino migrants, living and working on Gadigal land. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Communication, majoring in Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney. With a particular interest in creative non-fiction exploring socio-political themes, his work can be found in SBS Voices, Peril Magazine and Pencilled In to name a few.


Krystle Anne Venal is a multidisciplinary artist and writer whose work primarily explores the tactile and sensory notions of home, memory and being human. For her, creativity and curiosity are symbiotic — to touch life with wonder is necessary. She has a life-long love affair for documentation, learning and curating open spaces for exploring creativity. In another life, she was a perhaps a botanist; here, she is very much a storyteller.


Kate is an interdisciplinary artist and theatre educator working across theatre, visual arts and multimedia.Her contemporary performance practice is highly autobiographically focused as an entry point to interrogate gender and cultural politics. She often works with the idea of ‘the spectacle’ with costumes, props, and visual imagery to build an exciting, light-hearted and dynamic performance space in order to uncover dark conceptual underpinnings. She studied theatre, performance and fine art at UNSW and has previously trained through Pact ensemble (2014) and the Q theatre’s young artist ensemble (2015). For the last 3 years she has been working and training PYT Fairfield as a member of their Ensemble.

WestWords Academy will:

  • Provide mentoring for you to hone your craft
  • Help you build community
  • Train you to do admin and marketing for yourself and your projects
  • Equip you with skills to practice your art in a self-sufficient way

WestWords Academians will:

  • Receive one on one mentoring for their art
  • Receive free passes to all WestWords workshops, masterclasses and events
  • Be required to attend monthly seminars focused on the business side of being an artist
  • Shadow WestWords facilitators at schools, masterclasses and workshops held by WestWords.
  • Have the opportunity to guest on WestWords’ regular local radio slot and on The WestWords Podcast
  • Plan a WestWords Academians showcase to be held at the end of the program