One of my favourite things to do as an English Teacher is to bring the delights of the literary world into the classroom. To really embrace the creative writing process, these worlds need to be explored, experienced, tasted, challenged and felt by the students. I love the way words connect us as human beings and allow us the freedom to escape the mundane routines we face in the everyday. This escapism has never been more timely than in the current difficulties we find ourselves in today.

Our creative writing class is a lively bunch – with excitable thespians, illustrious illustrators, avid readers, aspiring authors and energetic, mohawked orators. A small group of students that commit to writing, indulge in the fictional worlds of others and encourage each other through magnificent teamwork and explosive brainstorming activities.

Being a small group we were able to create two stories each, to showcase not only our time with Catherine Jinks but also to represent the literary skills that we had learnt through writing stories

This whole process has been so inspiring for everyone involved. I have seen the students grow in confidence, embrace things that at first seem scary, step outside of their comfort zone and develop a renewed sense of belief in themselves. I would like to thank these amazing students for embracing this opportunity with both hands and squeezing everything out of it. Their hard work and dedication is evident in the final products they have presented.

Cara George, Head Teacher English, Blaxland High School 2021.