In 2016 Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) exhibited the work of renowned international and Australian artists such as Yoko Ono, Anish Kapoor, Max Ernst and Christian Boltanski, all of whom share refugee backgrounds.

Refugees was an opportunity to celebrate the talent and achievement of people who have fled war-torn countries, endured persecution, and became culturally displaced. Their stories have made for powerfully moving and provocative artworks that explore issues of identity, community and trauma. The exhibition aimed to encourage a discussion regarding Australia’s relationship with refugees and asylum seekers.

As part of the exhibition, WestWords partnered with CPAC to develop as series of writing workshops as part of the Post Future project with James Roy and Noel Zihabamwe the co-authors of the book One Thousand Hills. The program was aimed to encourage discussion surrounding the issue of refugees, as well as unite and bring communities together.

Both the art-making and writing workshops aimed to increase students understanding of the world around them and develop their empathy skills. Post-Future linked both the visual arts and literacy outcomes, making it an incredibly meaningful and engaged cross-curricular project.

Please enjoy reading some of the very powerful and moving letters by the students via the links below:
Arthur Philip high_POSTFUTURE