Living Stories Western Sydney Writing Prize 2021: Are we here yet?
Presented by WestWords and WestLit Libraries
The Workshops

Do you have a story to tell? Do you love writing? Do you feel excited when you think about putting words down, and having them really mean something? Does the idea of seeing your name at the top of a page of great writing full of terrific ideas thrill you? Would you like to be able to write better, and to learn from the best?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck, because WestWords and WestLit Libraries, as part of the 2021 Living Stories Western Sydney Writing Prize, are offering free 90-minute creative writing workshops in your area. These workshops are intended to help writers gain confidence and skills in their creative writing, especially with such a large-scale writing prize just around the corner.

Check out the workshops closest to you – see below for dates, times, locations as well as how to book and more information!
Numbers for these free workshops are very limited, so book early.
Please note that in the workshops for young people, the content is customised to specific age groups. Please don’t book for a different age group without first consulting with the library.

And if you should miss out on these events, all is not lost – WestWords will be putting together free online workshops for each of the age groups, as well as a poetry workshop, so you will still be able to access tips, advice and inspiring ideas from professional artists. See below!

The Prize
The Living Stories Western Sydney Writing Prize is a writing competition for residents of Western Sydney, with an overall prize pool of over $10,000. This is your opportunity to tell your Western Sydney story, responding to the theme ARE WE HERE YET? Your poem, story or personal essay will be judged locally, with category winners going on to vie for the overall prize.

Categories are 10 – 12 years; 13 – 15 years; 16 – 18 years; and adults (18+).
Entries close midnight, Sunday 2nd May 2021, and can only be submitted online via the WestWords website – click here, and follow the link to enter.
For more information about the competition, please contact WestWords on 1800 WESTWORDS or by email:

In Person Workshops
Click on the table below to find the workshop at a library close to you.
We are in the process of finalising some of the facilitators, but don’t let that stop you booking in to secure your place.

Online Workshops
Click on the thumbnail and get writing!