WestWords ambassador, Bryan Brown AM.

Actor, Bryan Brown, who spent his childhood in Western Sydney, has this year pledged his support of WestWords by accepting the new role of ambassador. Bryan affirms, with us, the power of literacy, self-expression and creativity to change lives and the experience of communities.

Bryan grew up in the Bankstown area, the son of a single mother who cleaned houses to make ends meet. He says, “Growing up in Bankstown there was little opportunity. I love that WestWords is nurturing a host of new talent. These young people will create the culture of our future. We are seeing young people from Arabic backgrounds exploring slam poetry to realise their voice, Pacific Islander Australians drawing on traditions of dance, craft and oral storytelling to create picture books, and much, much more.”

Bryan has starred in more than 80 films and TV projects: “Where would actors be without words? Everyone needs writers, playwrights, film-makers and other creative people to tell the stories that need to be told. Words and writing are absolutely essential to storytelling, to what we see on our screens, to theatre, to dance, songwriting, opera, journalism, criticism, fiction and non-fiction.”

WestWords and Bryan’s ambassadorship was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, along with WestWords’ project “Landscape, Place and Me” involving students from Granville Boys High, Lightning Ridge Central School and author James Roy. Read the full article here.

Our heartfelt thanks to Bryan. Welcome to WestWords!