Writing and Illustrating workshops for kids

Illustration Workshops with Martin Chatterton!

Illustrator and children book author Martin Chatterton teaches us how to draw Frankenstein’s monster, an elephant and Rafe Khatchadorian the protagonist of Chattertons YA novel, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life now also a major motion picture!

Watch the Martin’s workshops now:


Writing and Illustrating together
We decided to keep online three  workshops we posted last holidays with award-winning author/illustrator team Jodie McLeod and Eloise Short (Leonard the Lyrebird) and Erin Gough (The Flywheel, Amelia Westlake Was Never Here) have been created as pre-recorded (and completely free) one-hour workshops, which will be available on the WestWords YouTube channel.

Grab your drawing and writing gear and jump on our channel to get some great tips from these two amazing creators! For 8–13 years.

Love-hate relationships are found in many forms of fiction, and for good reason. They bring conflict, and therefore interest, to a story line, allow the writer to explore the multiple dimensions of a character, and are a lot of fun to write.
Join Erin Gough for a masterclass in frenemies, to learn about writing characters and story lines that take this dynamic as a starting point. For 9-14 years.

You’ll find the workshops on our YouTube channel here:

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