The After School Creative Writing groups run after school for students in grades 4-12. The program was formerly held in-person, but like most good things during this period of lockdowns and uncertainty, WestWords took the model into a Zoom room. This worked really well; many students from different places in Western Sydney and beyond were able to become part of a small writing community whose primary concern was creativity, imagination and writing craft.

At the end of 2021, when we asked the students how they would like to celebrate their good work, they said they would like to publish their work online, to share with friends and family. Some students chose to create graphics to accompany their stories, which we encouraged, as mastery and ownership of one’s creative work is so important to thrive.

Guided by Creative Writers and Facilitators Catherine Pelosi and Michelle Hamadache the students learnt about writing-as-craft, how to flex those editing muscles and how these considerations need not fence in ideas. They came to understand that the use of ‘writing tools’ clears the ‘brush’ around the ideas so they stand clear and strong. The work contained here is a small peek into imaginations that know no bounds.

Thank you to all those who contributed to this small collection and to Catherine who edited the work. WestWords is proud to have such long-lasting programs such as After School Creative Writing and hopes that initiatives such as these helps give confidence and seed the new generation of writers and the stories only they can tell.

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