COV-art: WestWords Fundraising Auction
Help our young people tell their stories/giving Western Sydney a voice.

Our Online Fundraising Auction has closed.
WestWords conducted an online fundraising auction of beautiful illustrated works to continue to build our children and young people’s literacy skills and provide a pathway of literary opportunity.

We raised $10,590!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our auction.

Thank you to all the Illustrators who have contributed their work to the exhibition:
Jeannie Baker, Bronwyn Bancroft, Freya Blackwood, Nick Bland, Martin Chatterton, Max Hamilton, Leigh Hobbs, Christina Huynh, Ann James, Stephen Michael King, Alison Lester, Andrew Maclean, Anna Pignataro, Emma Quay, Donna Rawlins, Tohby Riddle, Michel Streich, Owen Swan, Julie Vivas and Anna Walker.

If you didn’t get a chance a chance to participate in our auction you can still support our important work , your support gives Western Sydney a voice. You can donate to us via