We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that, with your help, Booktober raised $10,737 this year! For our first year we are ecstatic with the outcome and can’t wait to spread the love of literature with loads of kids in the Western Sydney region through books and specialised literary programs in 2021. We are in the process of finalising logistics around the distribution, and we will certainly provide you with some updates in the coming months. Thank you to all our fabulous Bookworms, who read ferociously during Booktober and encouraged support and donations from their friends and families in doing so. Thank you also to our WestWords ambassadors Bryan Brown and Jane Caro for sharing their love of reading, and of course to our fantastic partners, Booktopia.


You can continue to support WestWords with any purchases made through Booktopia. When you click on this link  and purchase a book (perhaps a good way to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way!) a small donation will come back our way. What a feel good way to shop!