The Blake Poetry Prize

In the difficult times of COVID19 you may need a bit more time to submit your entry  for the Blake Prize.  You now have an extension until 31 May 2020 to submit your entry form.  The exhibition and awards will take place after Casula Powerhouse can safely re-open.

The Blake Poetry Prize challenges Australian poets to explore the spiritual and religious in a new work of 100 lines or less.

From 2017  Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in collaboration with WestWords,  has delivered The Blake Poetry Prize as a biennial event.

The Blake Poetry Prize  continues to engage contemporary poets, both national and international, in conversations concerning faith, spirituality, religion and/or belief.

The Blake Poetry Prize is an aesthetic means of exploring the wider experience of spirituality with the visionary imagining of contemporary poets. The Blake Prize takes its name from William Blake, a poet and artist of undoubted genius, who integrated religious and artistic content in his work. The Blake Poetry Prize challenges contemporary poets of disparate styles to explore the spiritual and religious in a new work of 100 lines or less.

The Blake Poetry Prize is strictly non-sectarian. The entries are not restricted to works related to any faith or any artistic style, but all poems entered must have a recognisable religious or spiritual integrity and demonstrate high degrees of artistic and conceptual proficiency.

Key dates:
31 May 2020 – Entries close

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The Poetry Blake Prize | $5,000 | Non-Acquisitive

The Blake Prize is an open poetry prize that challenges artists to engage in conversations relating to religion and spirituality. It is open to all faiths and artistic styles.


  • Each entry will incur a fee. $25 for one work, with a maximum of five entries per applicant.
  • Any work for which the fee has not been received will be ineligible for any of the prizes. All entry fees are non-refundable.


  • All entries must demonstrate recognisable engagement with the themes of spirituality, religion, and/or belief.
  • All entries must demonstrate high degrees of artistic and conceptual proficiency.
  • All entries must have been created within the last 2 years of the date set for entry (November 2017 or later).
  • Entries must be completed and submitted by midnight 31st May, 2020 online via Late or incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  • Entries must be between 1 and 100 lines. The title does not count as a line, however a footnote or sub-heading does.
  • Poets must submit a 200 word bio, and include links to their websites and social media accounts.
  • Poets must submit work in either PDF or Word format without inclusion of any identifying information.
  • Entries can be made using a pseudonym, however the entrant’s real name must be included on the entry form.
  • Shortlisted poets are required to submit a headshot.
  • The poet warrants that the submitted work is original and does not infringe on copyright/moral rights/other rights.
  • CPAC/WestWords reserves the right to request a Statutory Declaration from any artist regarding the works originality, its production within the specified timeframe and/or that all components relating to the work have full copyright clearance.
  • Entries may have been published elsewhere, for example online, in a literary journal or self-published book, however if that poem is longlisted for a prize elsewhere the entrant will have 24 hours to decide if they would like to withdraw their poem on offer elsewhere or from the Blake Prize. It is the obligation of the entrant to inform the organisers of such an eventuality. Failure to do so will result in the poem being disqualified for consideration for the Blake Prize.
  • Eligible entries using or referring to Aboriginal content and/or entries from writers of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent or who identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander must be in accordance with the Indigenous Peoples’ rights to their heritage (ICIPR) guidelines and to the Aboriginal protocols of the region where they have been produced.
  • By submitting an entry into the Blake Poetry Prize for consideration the poet grants permission for CPAC/LCC to display the poem in full for the duration of the 66th Blake Prize exhibition.
  • Entering work/s into The Blake Prize does not transfer from the artist the ownership of, or copyright in, any of the work they produce. However, the poet agrees that the work may be photographed or reproduced in whole or in part for CPAC/WestWords records or critical review, publicity archives and/reports and other purposes. CPAC/WestWords does not condone and/or endorse the photography of the artist’s work including the reproduction, modification, distribution, uploading without the written consent of the artist. CPAC/WestWords will not be held responsible for any deliberate infringement to copyright.
  • Any questions or uncertainties from a submitting poet will be directed to WestWords and any decision will be final.


  • The selection of shortlist and winner is made by an independent panel of judges with extensive artform knowledge and/or relevant academic qualifications. Selection is undertaken by unidentified copies of the work.
  • The selection panel will be guided by the principles, guidelines and code of conduct of The Blake Prize.
  • An entry will be deemed a finalist when a unanimous decision has been reached.
  • In instances where there is a variation in the panellists’ opinion, the panel will meet and review the independent decisions until a consensus is reached.
  • CPAC, WW and LCC staff, family and friends are eligible to enter, however any relationships between the judges and entrants must be declared. The same applies to entrants who may be family or friends of the judges. Judges who have a conflict of interest will be excused from the respective judging process.
  • The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • Shortlisted finalists will be listed on the CPAC/WW website.
  • All shortlisted works selected by the judging panel will be included in The 66th Blake Prize Exhibition.

Key dates:
31 May 2020 – Entries close

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