Aboriginal circle design with horizontal paint stripe banner with words 'The African Australian' Writers Group. There is a tree at the bottom of the page. And a sticker at the right top saying to apply here

The African Australian Literature Development Program is an initiative to support, develop, share and celebrate the richness of the stories of African Australians within the multi-cultural context of Western Sydney.

Run by WestWords and the African Australian Advocacy Centre, and supported by the Adès Family Foundation, the program aims, through stories, to create a bridge of understanding and empathy between communities and generations, create a sense of belonging and pride.

The program began in 2020 with an online writers’ group as we traversed the upheavals the pandemic brought to our lives. In December we launched their first publication: Smile ‘Cross the Oceans click here to read it online.

In 2021 the online group continues and we are SO excited to be launching our new in-person writing groups. The groups run fortnightly and are free of charge. They are open to writers working in various genres and at varying levels. You would be most welcome.

Blacktown begins: 7 pm, 13 July 2021, then fortnightly
Max Weber Library, Level 1, Flushcombe Rd and Alpha St, Blacktown
proudly supported by Liverpool City Library, Liverpool City Council

Liverpool begins: 6.30 pm, 20 July 2021, then fortnightly
Liverpool City Library, 170 George St, Liverpool
Proudly supported by Blacktown City Council

Online Groups: 7 pm Tuesdays (fortnightly) via Zoom

If you would like more information or to join any one of these groups please contact our Associate Producer Chris: chris@westwords.com.au

The African Australian Advocacy Centre (AAAC) is the new peak body representing the interests of African Australian Communities by providing innovative research, advocacy and policy outcomes in collaboration with academic institutions, government and non-government agencies be Australia’s platform and channel for African Australians to communicate their vision, their cultural diversity and heritage, their energy, and their entrepreneurial innovation from an African-Australian perspective. The leadership team represents more than 15 African Australian communities.

Program supported by The Adès Family Foundation