It took over a year in the planning but for one week in December Cherrybrook Technical High School’s entire Year 10 cohort of some 470 students had chance to work with twelve exceptional writers – a big undertaking at the end of a big year. As these students looked towards their final years it was a tremendous gift and a testament to the vision of the school that they support their students in this way.

The twelve writers in residence – Deborah Abela, Rawah Arja, Sarah Ayoub, J. C. Burke, Tony Davis, Kirsty Eager, Angela May George, Michelle Hamadache, Will Kostakis, Ben Peek, Pip Smith and Helen Thurloe; and the students themselves who brought all their enthusiasm and inspiration to assist these young people create what you are about to read.

“Amidst the busy schedule of assemblies, training days and final exams at the end of 2019, the Year 10 cohort at Cherrybrook Technology High were confronted with the challenge of planning, writing and editing a piece of work for publication. Each class worked with a different professional writer who guided them through the process, often providing confidence for those who were unsure and inspiration for those who needed it. It was a hothousing of student skills and an experience that should stand them in good stead as they move into their senior studies. As you read and enjoy these stories, I hope that you are taken back to the world as it was then or find yourself transported into the world as it should be, all through the eyes, words and imagination of the Cherrybrook students.”
Steve Henry: Head of English, Cherrybrook Technical High School