During Term 4 2022, 3/4L and Miss Liauw from Bennett Road Public School in Colyton (between Blacktown and Penrith in Sydney’s West) participated in our ‘Writer in Residence’ program. Over the first few weeks sessions were conducted through Zoom due to the COVID lockdown. Despite this challenge, writer Jodie McLeod, author of Leonard the Lyrebird and Lilah the Lyrebird,  helped guide the students’ creativity to develop ideas and turn them into emotional journeys in writing.

From Jodie:
“No matter where writing takes you, it’s the practice of writing itself – of switching on your imagination and structuring your ideas in a way that is engaging to others – that will be of greatest value for you throughout life. Your imagination is your secret survival skill – there to help free you when you’re confined, to be your friend when you’re alone, and to help you change the world when you can see a better way. Practise using this precious part of your mind – and most importantly, have FUN with it! – and the future is looking especially wonderful indeed.

From Iliena (a student in 3/4L):
The experience with Jodie was the happiest day of MY LIFE!!! Our activities that were given to us really inspired me to try and try. I even learnt how to start my story with a BANG. Even though it wasn’t easy because of the fact that we weren’t together (Home learning), we still made it to the end to finally see each other face to face! I will NEVER forget when we had our fun times!!!