Campaign to Sky’s End: Quests and Tales from the Youth of Far West NSW


Between these pages you will find a collection of extraordinary stories excavated from beneath the surface – a fitting metaphor for the town that welcomed WestWords and six professional authors so warmly, and allowed us the opportunity to encourage these young writers unleash their tales of epic conquests and eerie horrors.


Over three school holiday workshops in 2022, a safe place was cultivated for these young people to explore the inverted; to venture through the looking glass; to conjure on a world different to our own. Be warned – some of these quests are not for the faint of heart. Stories are one of the tools we use to process dark emotions and ideas – the very things we’re told we’re not allowed to talk about aloud. So, we keep them buried. These few brave souls began to dig.

Allow tomorrow’s storytellers to take you on that journey down into the depths. Turn the next page, seize the sword, and begin your campaign to sky’s end …

We would like to thank Create NSW, the Office of Regional Youth, Big Sky Stories and Headspace Broken Hill for making the Holiday Breaks: Writers on the Road program, and this publication, possible. An incredible thank goes to the six authors who imparted their wisdoms, not unlike the mentors of the hero’s journey: Claudia Chinyere Akole, Ben Peek, Catherine Jinks, A. R. Eldridge, Glenn Fraser and Amelia Foxton.