Author: M. A. Hughes

Never Too Late to Tell is a book about family, loss, grief and a reflection on the meaningful life of the author’s firstborn son, Robbie, thirty years on from his tragic accidental death.
In this book, the author shares the gift of how much Robbie taught her and all the lessons and wisdom he brought to her life. Through the reminiscing of their family life, the author tells her son all the things she never told him during his lifetime of eighteen years, how she met and fell in love with his father as a carefree backpacker, his unplanned arrival and the shame she confronted as an unwed mother in 1970s England. In reminiscing with Robbie about his growing up as the family moved around with his dad’s work she honours his life.
Robbie’s magnetic charm and sense of humour are honoured and treasured, and he lives on via these words.

Publisher: The Kind Press

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