Announcing the Blake Poetry Prize 2020 has been awarded to ‘On Finding Charlotte in the Anthropological Record’ by Judith Nangala Crispin.

Judith is a poet and visual artist of Bpangerang descent, and is currently poetry editor of The Canberra Times. Judith is also the author of two additional published collections of poems, The Myrrh-Bearers (Puncher & Wattmann, 2015), and The Lumen Seed (Daylight Books, 2017).

“A poem that crosses space and time, erasure of identity and song lines, of a legacy of broken families, racism and discovery. A poem that all Australians should take the time to read.”

Highly Commended is Sydney-based poet and member of the Writing & Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University, Louise Carter’s poem History of Sadness.

“A poem that has ‘smoke choked’ assonance, it is domestic and feminine and the everyday. It bursts with resonances of the rising spirit and our shared grief in 2020.”