Author: Edita Mujkic

A moving and compelling true story about the power of courage and love. A deeply human story that reminds us of the endless challenges of war, displacement and of fleeing conflict. It’s also a story of hope and the profound difference that a simple act of kindness can make.

The manuscript of Between Before and After was developed during a residency at Varuna in the Blue Mountains.

About the author

Edita Mujkić was born and raised in Sarajevo, in what was then Yugoslavia, and now is Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After the war broke out in her home country, she fled Sarajevo in May 1992 with her two children.
After five months in Croatia, Edita and her children moved to England where she was an interpreter for other Bosnian refugees, although at the time she could barely speak English.
Two years later, in 1994, the family arrived in Melbourne.

Between Before and After
Author Edita Mujkic
First published by Hawkeye Publishing
Reproduced by permission of Hawkeye Publishing

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