Duncan Ball is a well-known and much-loved children’s book author of over sixty-five books, recognised for his multi-award winning series Selby (featuring Selby, the talking dog, one of Australia’s most popular literary heroes) and Emily Eyefinger. Born in the USA, Duncan moved to Australia in 1974 and worked as an industrial chemist. He wrote a novel for adults and later changed jobs to editor of the School Magazine at the Department of Education of New South Wales, then resigned to become a full-time author, a profession which he continues today.

The first of the series Selby was published in 1985, after which 19 more original Selby books have been published, including Selby’s Selection book, featuring Selby’s best antics, and two joke books. The first Emily Eyefinger books was published in 1997: there are now ten books in the series. Duncan is also the author of children’s picture books, including My Dog’s a Scaredy Cat (illustrated by Craig Smith) and Jeremy’s Tail (illustrated by Donna Rawlins), five novels, a book of plays and a collection of funny poetry, My Sister has a Big Black Beard. 

2006 WAYBRA, Primary, Selby’s Schemozzle
2005 Canberra’s Own Outstanding List Award, Fiction for Young Readers, Selby’s Stardom
2004 Named a KOALA Legend
2004 KANGA, Year 3-5, Selby Snaps
2003 WAYBRA, Young Readers, Selby’s Stardom
2001 WAYBRA, Hoffman Award, Selby Surfs
2001 KOALA Hall of Fame, Selby’s Secret
2000 KOALA, Junior Book, Selby Snowbound
1998 KOALA, Junior Book, Selby Speaks
1997 WAYBRA, Hoffman Award, Selby Supersnoop
1997 WAYBRA, Young Readers, Selby Supersnoop
1997 KOALA, Junior Book, Selby Spacedog
1991 WAYBRA, Primary, Selby Screams
1990 WAYBRA, Primary, Selby Speaks
1989 WAYBRA, Primary, The Ghost and the Gory Story
1987 WAYBRA, Primary, Selby’s Secret