Illustration Workshops with Cheryl Orsini!

In these fast-paced, funny and highly interactive workshops, Cheryl helped a group of enthusiastic young illustrators create their own storybook characters through games such as ‘Quick Draw Deadlines’ and ‘Trial by Illustration’. Katoomba Library was the perfect location for a unique adventure in illustration.


Cheryl Orsini
About Cheryl Orsini
Cheryl Orsini taught herself to draw as a little girl. She grew a little taller, studied Visual Communications at UTS and finally, when she could grow no more, she started illustrating children’s books, magazines and decorating a great many peg dolls! Her books include Lucy’s Book (Lothian Books/Hachette Australia), The Fairy Dancers (Lothian Books/Hachette Australia), Caravan Fran (Lothian Books/Hachette Australia), and Pom Pom, Where Are You? (Viking/Penguin). Her work also regularly appears in magazines and exhibitions.


Presented in collaboration with Sydney Writers’ Festival and Katoomba City Library and Katoomba Cultural Centre.

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