Authors 1

Fundamental to the work of WestWords is our collaboration with
artists and authors in the form of residencies, workshops, seminars and publications.
Recent years have seen WestWords strengthening these relationships to bring
a wide range of projects to the young people of Western Sydney.
On behalf of all the young people we work with, thank you.
Here are just some of the artists we’ve worked with over the past 12 months.

Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Deborah Abela

Eunice Andrada

Sarah Ayoub

Maryam Azam

Liz Anelli

Duncan Ball

Darren Bell

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Miro Bilbrough

Nova Brown Longhurst

Tim Carrol

Luke Carson

Felicity Castagna

Wai Chim

Siobhan Colman

Matthew Cooper

Rico Craig

Sue Crawford

Winnie Dunn

Fiona Dunne

Kylie Fornasier

Pamela Freeman

Justine Flynn

Rebecca Giggs

Andrew Galan

Libby Gleeson

David Graham

Richard Harland

Tim Harris

Elizabeth Honey

Mariam Hussein

Catherine Jinks

Sarah Kay

Dub Leffler

Melina Marchetta

Maryam Master

Ned Manning

Nate Marshall

Miles Merrill

Lily Mei

Marley Nipps

Josephine Parsons

Shiela Pham

Peter Polites

Alice Pung

Tohby Riddle

Olivia Rose

Judith Rossell

James Roy 

Candy Royalle

Sara Saleh

Omar Sakr

Lily Shearer

Filip Stempien

RA Spratt

Michel Streich

Mark Tredinnick 

Todd Turner

Ellen Van Neerven

Phil Wilcox

Hamish Wood

Fiona Wright

Ursula Yovich

Noël Zihabamwe

Claire Zorn